Great Big EMS Scary Kinda Day

Great Big EMS Scary Kinda Day

Sunday started out as a bad health day. Not like it ended, though. Just the average bad day where I’d been working for most of the week in a retail job, so my body needed to heal. As a diabetic, I try and take that into account. My feet are kind of important tools by which I live. I’d also been experiencing low sugars and double vision since starting the job the week before so I was a bit disconcerted already. Day off meant I could relax before starting work on Monday.

Or not.

The Rundown of Happenings

My sugar values frequently yo-yo based on many factors of my life, leading to brittle situations. Common factors include menstrual, stress, allergies (needing an OTC to stop itching), allergy to med ingredients (glycerin in this case) and weather (too much heat tends to bottom me out quite thoroughly). Please note that those aren’t the only factors, though. This week as a combination of body and mental stress, menstrual, and weather. The allergy pills aren’t taken when I’m working and I’d been doing morning shifts all week. Better safe than sorry.

I remember laying down to take a nap after drinking some wine, about 1.5 glasses. Another rare occurrence due to family addiction history, but it’d been a long week and I needed to celebrate my first time in retail since 2003. The next thing I remember is waking up to ┬ástrange lady trying to say my name and asking if I was awake. I had a lot of problems staying awake enough to answer. After that, the story started to unfold thusly:

My sugars fell suddenly and without warning while I napped. This isn’t unusual for me, honestly. Since my diagnosis in 2004, I’ve faced this situation more than once. It’s why I don’t live alone if possible. Or if I am alone, my fiance is on Skype the entire night. I need someone to help drag me back from the brink when I’m so vulnerable. Unfortunately, no one was sleeping in the same house Sunday night.

I have one miracle and his name is Sven. He’s the best thing that I’ve ever been granted. This man saw how unbelievably out of it I was and realized that 911 doesn’t work from Germany. He went on Twitter and contacted anyone who would help. I’m really lucky that Leon Thomas of Renegade Cut reviews gave a shit and called 911 for me. I honestly don’t think I’d be here without the intervention. Let’s just say it’s a little alarming to discover four people I didn’t know in my house. People with strong muscles and a clear set of direction on saving my butt.

Missing Gaps

According to my Sven and the amazing EMS people, there was a lot I missed. From what I’ve gathered, I was unresponsive for 20 minutes when the EMS showed up. The four-person team worked hard to bring me back, including giving me an IV full of glucose to survive. They had to move hands, as every vampire does, since my veins are tiny and these were beyond dehydrated. I was covered in sweat. So was the mattress. Sven says that I was talking gibberish, too. Talking about being too hot, which was the sweatiness, and unable to process.

Apparently my eyes rolled and that was the first sign of life. Too bad it didn’t come with the usual caustic comment. Scary to find that out after the fact.

I chose to not go to the hospital, which was both smart and stupid of me at the same time since I wasn’t in the right mind to say yes or no. Thank god Sven was on the computer to talk to the EMS and first responders, giving them background about my diabetes. Waking up, I remember seeing the four uninvited but welcome people in my house.

And thank goodness for a very compassionate woman responder since I felt out of whack in my unmentionables. It’s been unbelievably hot, weather wise, here in Atlanta and very high humidity. Sleeping has been difficult on the best of days since my A/C is non-functioning. Well, it functions fine when it turns off the house breaker box. The woman was firm, telling me that if I hadn’t come around when I did, I would have been in the hospital regardless. It would have been the only way to keep me alive.

More details unfold every day. After all, it’s only been 3-4 days. I’m sure as memories trigger, Sven will tell more. I’m just glad I’m not dead, honestly. My biggest fear came true: almost dying in my sleep. Every day, every time I fall asleep, the fear burrows in the back of my head and never leaves. A fear that’s been realized more than once since 2004. I’m just really lucky this time.

Before the responders left, they made sure my sugars were up to 155 since they knew the sugars would fall when I took my meds later. Note that I didn’t take any until the next morning. Was scared to death to try. ┬áResponder lady also left me some peanut butter and saltines. I wasn’t fit enough to even make an egg, so I just snacked on that until the next afternoon. Had to replace my crunchy PB supply.

The next day I went to laundry mat to dry some clothes and ate at Waffle House next door. Managing to get back the protein and energy I’d missed out on. I also drank a 2-liter of Schweppes’s raspberry ginger ale and a Powerade to try and resupply electrolytes and rehydrate. Schweppes is my go-to feel better. Far above Sprite. I felt immensely better by Tuesday.

Lessons Learned

Earlier today, I went to the doctor and had a consultation about my insulin. We’re going to do a much more strict sliding scale dosage versus the outdated model given by previous doctors. I’ve asked for help previously and always told to look online. Uh, my degree isn’t in anatomy. I need a little help here. I wasn’t a math major, either. This link shows what I’ve been told to find an figure out on my own. Thank goodness, my doctor listened this time and didn’t just zero in on only my weight.

Doc is also looking for an endocrinologist rec for me, too. They’re not easy to find around here. I’ll check in next week and then a month later to see how the changes are affecting my body, mental and physical.

If someone saves your life, tell them thank you. According to the various personnel that I contacted to say thanks to, it’s a rarity. I’m alive because people cared. I can’t take that for granted. It’s too precious.

Also: I forgot that brittle diabetics should avoid alcohol. Forgotten in part because I don’t drink enough to remember. Lesson totally learned, though! Tee-totaler is the life for me. Bye-bye, delicious Winking Owl.

Oh, and why did I choose Doc McStuffins for my image? Besides being a fan of a powerful girl who helps others, she’s a toy first responder and does a damn good job. Just like my EMS woman responder.

There’s never a dull holiday in my life. This Father’s Day was no different.

[Character Credit: Doc McStuffins, Disney.]


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