Welcome to Diabetic Dystopia.

Welcome to Diabetic Dystopia.

Welcome to a site that documents my life as a brittle diabetic. It’s not always easy. But the blog isn’t just a journey for me. Hopefully readers will comment and talk about their life as a Type 1. A lot of media focuses on Type 2 because it’s an easier catch phrase and result change for many ads. Type 1 is kind of locked away from the public eye and we just hope to survive for the rest of our lives with as few complications as possible.

Why Diabetic Dystopia? Well, if you have to take your blood sugar and insert a needle into yourself multiple times a day, you simply have to move forward.  To quote Merriam-Webster, dystopia is “an imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives.” Living without insurance for over a decade, not having the care I needed, almost dying more than once because companies decided my life wasn’t worth living…definitely a dystopia. I may have insurance now but the currently political climate in the US doesn’t mean I’ll get to keep it. Horror shows come in many forms.

Topics will include diabetic ketoacidosis, insulin shortages, disease induced depression, emergency service calls, and surviving life in general without and with insurance. The blog’s going to be a journey of explanation and observation. It will be raw and honest. I have no reason to hide the experiences. I want you, the reader, to join me. To interact and say something. Would say enjoy the ride, but really, that’s not entirely possible since there’s a lot of depressing stuff that comes with the disease.

Survival’s an interesting game.

Originally this was going to be on my site, Clever Girl, but host issues have put the site on hold just now.  Expect a new post in the next several days since I went through a hard experience on Sunday. Life is never dull when a diabetic–that’s for sure.


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